America Tour 2020

       Desalination and Mining Carbon from Air
       New Prospects for Farmers, Miners, Economy

Hi there,
this is an invitation to Republicans/Trump-voters as presented on Pres.ī “facebook“-site (see below).
 - - -Bring a few k$ to join my Klondike company.
I have claim, concession, basic equipment,
letīs meet there soon.
You can look at the claim, and others, have your money doubled several times,
work there yourself or place an unemployed friend/neighbor there.
We find gold before you invest
(except starting fee 3k to Yukon bank account, after we have agreed on plan).
I write this in detail because itīs a little company and every $ must be considered.
We look at claim, together with natives (dig 6 holes on 10ha next to street).

If there is no gold, we buy a claim with proven gold, thatīs were your few k investment comes in.

If the income is already lying on the company ground, the business plan is easier.
You can scale the machine park according to what you have,
or slowly build up equipment without debt.
You just dig the money out of the ground, best business possible.

I get out of Yukon quarantine around Sep20, then we have a few weeks to dig holes and organize things.
This business means we have a standing there and can start a fundamental discussion:
- How can inhabitants and mining companies work together
- Alaska oil: How bad is the damage to the big herd (caribou+100species)
Should “mining carbon from air“ replace the Alaska oil (more better jobs, oil price)

Mining carbon from air:
see Oases union
I already posted proposal at, including front vehicle (picture) and front song for North Africa, which is kind of our Mexico.
Pilot Project in Egypt was prepared, but Siemens refused cooperation with filter technique.
(email:“We sent your plan to our US-branch, they will decide“,2013)

The German International Economy Secretary (from Bavaria) wrote me:
“It is proven that desalinating sea water does not pay off.”
Iīm proud to say I have alternative facts.

Now I apply the campaign to America, to improve farming and mining.

Posted at Pres.Trumpīs fbook-site Aug31 2020:
- - - - - - - -
Hi, this is Thomas of Volkscomputer.
I make world class proposals for solidaric economy, without ideology and fake science.

I now present the best international deal available in the south:
Letīs build a water board, let them have water and economy and less children.

This means lots of good jobs for the US.

The deal is to provide desalination technique to southern communities.
They can grow plants and build an economy.
And become stable partners instead of a mess.

To make sea water desalination profitable, charcoal production for humus soil and energy
is neccessary. (Mining carbon from air
The desalinators (farmers and miners) need a few percent of the carbon market.

The water board assigns shares of the carbon(energy) market to decent communities.
Sounds like regulations, but itīs actually free people agreeing on a business frame.
Siemens, Merkel, Russia, China refused cooperation.
They just canīt imagine free people working parallel for mutual benefit,
without bureaucratic hinderance.

Such a water board needs leadership, the UN canīt do it.
Only Trump can do it.
Farmers and miners can do it.

This plan is based on a short meeting I had with a young farmer and Reagan voter.
So I come over soon, I bought a claim in Klondike, letīs meet there!
See my America Tour plan, Klondike/Arizona/Bolivia

I want to build a mining company with Trump-voters and inhabitants (half of them American Indians) and start discussion on effective fair trade.

They are willing to learn, you get 100ks new jobs/yr (filter technique, new markets)
and support and votes by many good-willing people.
Such that the Dems look like what they are:
The fake “good people“.

If you like my business plan,
write me thg1atalicede, see website
- - - - - - - - 

When we get along in Yukon (start productive work and discussion),
Iīd try to meet Arizona in Oktober.
Proposal of water-pipeline as community project, and filter factory.
AZ is easier structured than CA, reasonable, donīt know much.
Letīs meet them and do the calculations.
Iīm mathematician and independent scientist and can check other scientists.

Next candidate for a decent community is Bolivia.
They have around 60% voters for a native/bolivian cooperation and are principally able to get things done, unlike many neighboring countries.
They already admitted mistakes (even to me), are willing to learn.
We should calculate a farming and mining campaign (with infos on-site),
which includes many details of daily life and business.
They will criticize Venezuela, which is an success for Pres.Trump.

You see I try to install a headquarter for carbon farming, itīs a big operation.
It might even improve the elections, if you want.
For me, interfering in US-elections is not illegal, Iīm not Russian.

Greetings from Germany


tourism news

Maybe youīve seen website about renaturation project in big open mine, with wetlands and soil improvement (terra preta), next to Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe, world cultural inheritance and favorite area of Kaiser Wilhelm.

A few kilometers away, believe it or not, I just found
a bottomless pit.
The age is estimated between 600 and 4000years.
In some publications (1697 and 1907) they said itīs natural, but itīs definitely not.

Of course it has a bottom (itīs not “the entrance to hell“ I guess), but itīs actually lost in history.
Nobody has reached the ground in the last centuries.

Volcanoes broke through brown coal and turned it into anthracite coal, which triggered
the industrial revolution in fifteenhundredsomething.
Later many fled to the US.

Once it was said Attila the Hun is burried near the shaft, with generals and harem.
Many tourists and diggers came, good job.

The depth was 25m in 1821, 7m in 1939 when they went to 20m, then stopped and had other things to do.

The shaft starts in a cave 1m under the top of a small volcano rest,
The cave opens towards sunrise, there could be an ancient system.
Or just a useless shaft from 1400.

Anyway weīll go to 20m
(authorities didnīt make it to the ground in centuries, so we donīt ask, and somehow repell the forester).
Then we have around 1940 and I assume thereīs some Nazi stuff, like secret technology.
There should be some, and it was not found in other spots.
And it had just been deepened by official operation in 1939.
I search for secret technology and prepare retrosignaling proof, see
Including connection of matter and mind.
So I know there could be technology, but I must admit I have no clues about secret links between gravity and electromagnetism etc (Philadelphia experiment, Die Glocke, Foo fighters, if any true at all).
But there could be something, itīs a good task.

I just read a report from a boy who witnessed the invasion near the shaft May 1945:
Ca. 7 GIs jumped out of the bushes, moved into town, no problem.
Nobody cared for the shaft, itīs just too ridiculous.
A little double volcano rest hidden in the forest, small cave in top with shaft, looks like a dwarf fairy tale. An old sign on the gate says “legends shaft“.
But it is real and the bottom is unknown.
So I hope to attract hundreds supporters, which help to repell the foresters and helicopters.
They also help my local economy.

Remember farmer Bundy?
Uprising against stupid regulations, people got shot.
Many environmental regulations are stupid or replaceable.
Pres.T. withdrew many regulations, which is in big parts not as bad as it sounds to environmentalists.
Some mistakes happened I guess, some protection is neccesary.
Carbon mining from air helps both sides, economy and nature.

I know atoms, they look like they have a logical development since 13bil B.C. (though some incidents are unclear).
But thereīs more non-atom influence than admitted, scientists are not so smart.
See physics link above, not suitable experiments are ignored.
This needs lots of discussion, neither sides are perfect.
I hope the bible fraction accepts economic campaign in Bolivia.

Scientists just gave up Greenland, that would mean you need a 10m wall around Manhattan plus underground containment.
Whatīs going on?
Russian dust has increased ice melting, dust from planes reduces temperature,
Carbon dioxid increases temperature.
If the clouds change only 1% or so (specific clouds), that has more influence than all man-made climate!
Of course there is man-made bad weather, see dust bowl in the 1930s.
The complicated earth system could go this way, was suggested:
Volcanoes rise sea temperature, more water goes airborne, goes down around the poles,
quick new ice age.
Carbon dioxid might just prevent this, itīs unclear enough.
Still, it makes oceans acidic (plus trash makes a breeding ground for jellyfish).
Landscapes are devastated.

The conclusion is:
mining carbon from air with desalted sea water, and landscapes with humus soil, nature and farmers.
Charcoal and watered areas stabilize weather and economy, and reduce C02 without extra costs.
Forming landscapes with farmers and technology is not supported by “progressive people“,
I need your interest to proceed.

Thomas Gossmann, Kassel
Aug31 2020

Update Oct18

Attilaīs grave still not found.
They now say itīs 600miles SE.
The hill near the shaft is still named after the operation, donīt know which century.
Maybe the arch duke came and granted them farm claims for their effort (one possibility).

Bought some ropes for the shaft, operation start postponed, friends busy with job and family.
Last time I had already started to go into the 3x6ft shaft without rope, by dumping 10m-trees into it, but then we ran out of alcohol. Hope we can carry more alcohol next time. We have to go twice anyway, with all the equipment: ropes, tools, generator, pump, loudspeakers, binoculars, walkie-talkies, barbecue, etc.
When I dragged the first tree through the wood, to place it over the top of the shaft (a steep 4m wide funnel, so I could see tops of trees in 10m depth), an owl was sitting in 1m height in a tree 10m from the action. When I came closer than 2m, I saw it flying away and some birds made lots of noise (craws, owls or something). This is all protected, everything is 10times more dense than in Rockies, owls canīt just fly a mile further. So I think about an extra statement, like a battery of mouse traps, but some mice are protected too, donīt know yet.

I have already 100pages of regulations ready for printout, which show that it is illegal to not cut the trees on the inheritage site as the foresters did. That will repell the forester, before the helicopters come from the close-by FBI helicopter base.
At the near steinbruch-site (front page), the maximum of helicopter genres on one afternoon, in 2018, was ca.7:
rescue/police/FBI/state police/army/army2/else.  (Fulda Gap)
Maybe drone swarms can reduce them.
I also like little green men with little guns like in Crimea, just wait.